Extra virgin oil with an intense taste

Fruttato Extra virgin olive oil

Very marked color, fragrance, bitter and spicy

Gnesotto Extra virgin olive oil with a decided taste

It comes from a careful selection of olives harvested early, to give the oil color, fragrance, bitter and spicy decidedly more marked.
The olive is harvested and processed at the beginning of its ripening stage; this is in fact the moment in which there is the maximum concentration of polyphenols inside. The polyphenols, transferring to the oil, gives it such flavors, keeping it as a whole always very harmonious. We can call it an "important oil", suitable for lovers of strong tastes. We recommend combining it with grilled red meats, pasta and beans or hot bread.
Ask for our “Fruttato” extra virgin olive oil, you will distinguish the bottles from the green cap!
The oil is available in 500 ml, 1 liter bottles and in 5 liter cans.
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